Jamie XX returns with banging new single “Idontknow”

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After years of patiently waiting, Jamie XX has finally returned with new solo material! It has been quite some since we last heard something from the The XX member and producer. 5 years ago he debuted with his impressive debut album “In Colour“. Today, Jamie XX marks his comeback with new single “Idontknow“.

Jamie is mostly known for his subtle and melodic production for The XX. However, on his new single “Idontknow“, Jamie seems to abandon that sound and is heading for a straight-up club banger. There’s truly never a dull moment in this 5 minute club anthem. Starting softly with heavy percussion to later explode in hard-hitting beats mixed with lush blurry vocals. Almost putting us slowly into a trance and ending it all on a euphoric note.

We are excited for this comeback and hope more material is on its way soon! Now, we just need The XX to return as well please!