Introducing: Softee – Oh No

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Meet Nina Grollman aka Softee, a new pop star on the horizon! A professional theater performer at heart, but now stepping into the music scene with her DIY project Softee.

While getting ready to release her debut EP, the singer shared her first single ‘Oh No‘. A wonderful 80s inspired pop jam! The change of styles throughout the song and Softee’s vocal delivery make this an exciting listen from beginning to end. We’re sure you’ll be singing along to the song’s energetic chorus after one listen.

It’s nostalgic vibe and relatable lyrics make you immediately think about all the times you had a crush on someone and didn’t dare to act on it. The same goes for Softee in the music video for ‘Oh No’, where the artist is living her 80s prom fantasy.

Oh No‘ is such an impressive debut and we can’t wait to see what comes next! Listen and watch now below: