Introducing Шыша and their mesmerizing debut LP “Магнит”

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Let us introduce you to singers Anastasia Tikhonova, Tatyana Bogdanova and producer Marco Giovanni Boccamazzo aka Шыша. We happily just stumbled upon the musical project of this talented Moscow-based band. Sometimes you discover music that makes you instantly fall in love with the sounds you are hearing and Шыша is definitely one of them!

Шыша just released their debut album “Магнит” two weeks ago, which is a collection of delicious synth-heavy pop songs. They effortlesly blend different electronic sounds all into delicious blend of pop music. From disco-infused tracks to moody and mesmerizing soundscapes. Highlight of the record is definitely “Грустная песня” (Sad Song)”, which wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Kedr Livanskiy’s brilliant debut album.

There’s not much information out there about Шыша, so we’ll just let the music speak for itself! Listen now to our favourite “Грустная песня” and check out the full “Магнит” album below.