How To Dress Well announces new album and shares ‘New Confusion’ & ‘No Light’

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Photo: Y. Arslan

Singer-songwriter and musician Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well has returned today with the announcement of his highly anticipated new album ‘I Am Toward You’. It’s the long awaited follow-up to 2018’s ‘The Anteroom’. To celebrate the upcoming record he’s not sharing one, but two magnificent singles, ‘New Confusion’ and ‘No Light’.

After his last record How To Dress Well was exhausted and frustrated with the business side of things and was looking forward to return to creating music like he did with is brilliant breakthrough album ‘Love Remains’ back in 2010. The album we instantly fell in love with and still play on a regular occasion to this day. Both new tracks sounds like a national progression from his previous sounds while offering something completely fresh. ‘New Confusion’ and ‘No Light’ are quite different from each other but both showcase the immense talent How To Dress Well has to creating stunning and interesting soundscapes. We’re loving both tracks and their distinctive sounds and are eagerly waiting to hear more from the upcoming record.

About the new singles he says:

“’New Confusion’ is about how to relate to the past knowing the hard limits on human memory and the challenges of metabolising intergenerational-anthropogenetic trauma. At best regret, at worst forgetfulness, I sing in the chorus – a tortured concept of memory, no doubt. But I also sing that there is a path to freedom from this bind.”

“‘No Light’ is a song about contemporary LA, a place simply teeming with unspeakable suffering. It is, like LA, paradoxically and fundamentally also a bop. It’s a song I wrote after an interaction I had during the pandemic, something like a scene from Mulholland Drive, a young woman crawling across the ground in the alley behind my house in a white dress screaming about a ‘pig mask.’”

I Am Toward You‘ arrives May 10th via Sargent House.