HONESTY share debut double singles ‘U&I’ and ‘TUNE IN TUNE OUT’

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Photo: Barney Maguire

Let us introduce you to exciting newcomers HONESTY and their debut double A-side singles ‘U&I’ and ‘TUNE IN TUNE OUT’. The group consisting of George MitchellMatt PeelJosh Lewis and Imi Holmes have just signed a record deal with Partisan and announced their first upcoming live shows in the UK later this year.

The members of HONESTY gathered weekly in a studio space in Leeds working on a genre-less approach to making electronic music from UK bass, garage, shoegaze, ambient and everything in between. The results we can hear on these stellar debut singles offering something completely different on both tracks while the band instantly creates a strong and distinctive own soundscape.

About U&I’, the group shares:

A ruminative thought derived from the disconnection of a strong bond. The only connection remains as non compos mentis. Sleepwalking through relationships, past, present, and future. At the time the lyrics were penned I was reading a book called ‘Why we Sleep’ and researching self-medication.

And on TUNE IN TUNE OUT‘, they say:

Whilst losing engagement with society, an internal monologue tries best to bring itself back to normality. A stream of consciousness, uncertain whether you have to lose everything to get back to square one. At the time of writing, ego death, Carl Jung and hallucinogens all took a part in this.

‘U&I’ might be the most instant of these two tracks but both are brilliant in their own right. HONESTY is surely an exciting new act to keep your eyes on and we can’t wait to hear what they do next!

U&I’ / ‘TUNE IN TUNE OUT‘ is out now on all platforms via Partisan.