hemlocke springs unveils new single ‘heavun’

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North Carolina’s rising star hemlocke springs is back with an exciting new release. Today the musician shares her new single ‘Heavun’, which follows a string of highly acclaimed tracks like ‘sever the blight, ‘stranger danger’ and ‘girlfriend’.

hemlocke springs is truly one of the most exciting new artists out there and with her new single she further cements her status as an innovative alternative pop star. ‘heavun’ sounds extremely fresh thanks to the energetic production and as always hemlock springs offers some thought-provoking lyrics. We are truly excited to have discovered this new talent and can’t wait to hear what she unveils next. About the new single she says:

For a time, I thought if a person was money-motivated, they were greedy. But by that definition, everyone is greedy, so that’s a bit unfair. I don’t consider wanting to pay bills or go on occasional excursions as greedy actions. But what if I had an insatiable hunger for money? I wanted to explore the psychology of greediness.”

heavun‘ is out now on all platforms via Good Luck Have Fun Records.