Haich Ber Na returns with new single ‘Sandringham’

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Photo: Geray Mena & Richard Wilkins

Haich Ber Na makes his long-awaited return with his new single and music video ‘Sandringham’. It’s his first offering in almost two years following his brilliant and already all-time favourite EP ‘When We Knew Less‘.

On his new single, Haich Ber Na continues his alternative approach to pop music with a stellar production and lyrics that spark social commentary. On new single ‘Sandringham’, he speaks about life in Petersborough, which is dubbed as one of the most depresssing places to live in the UK, which is only two hours away from the idealized Sandringham Estate. By using his tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Haich Ber Na illustrates the harsh realities encountered by the (young) British working class. Be sure to give the music video directed by Pedro Takahashi a watch below.

Sandringham‘ is out now on all platforms.