Glassio shares uplifting new single “Make No Mistake”

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You are currently viewing Glassio shares uplifting new single “Make No Mistake”

With an EP released last year and a bunch of stand alone singles so far, Glassio is finally getting ready to unveil his debut LP “For The Very Last Time“. Following his previous singles “Are You Having Fun Without Me?“, “Nobody Stayed for the DJ” and “A Million Doubts” it’s now time for the album’s fourth single with “Make No Mistake“.

Glassio mentions that “Make No Mistake” is probably his favourite track of the forthcoming album. Although we haven’t heard the full thing yet, we can definitely agree that it’s one of his best we’ve heard so far! Inspiration for the new single is the endless subway rides in NYC. Imagine waiting on the platform and gazing through the window. Watching the city and people slowly go by. We can definitely hear this inspiration in the new single. His warm and mellow vocals take us on a highly infectious ride. With those delicious synths being our highlight of the track. We can’t wait to hear more!

Check out “Make No Mistake” below and look out for “For The Very Last Time” to arrive July 23rd