gglum returns with new single ‘SPLAT!’

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London-born singer-songwriter Ella Smoker, who goes by gglum, is back with her latest single, ‘SPLAT!,’ and has also signed with Secretly Canadian. This release marks her first new music since her 2022 album, ‘Weak Teeth.’

gglum’s ‘SPLAT!’ is a brief yet impactful track that harks back to the indie rock of the 90s and 00s. The song boasts thrilling production and is wrapped in a dreamy aura. It features a highly infectious chorus and a delightful outro that leaves you craving more. It’s the kind of track that, as soon as it ends, you find yourself hitting repeat.

About the new single she says:

“SPLAT! was just me splurging a bunch of feelings I had around a complicated relationship, where it feels like nothing really happens and no one makes a move but you’re constantly thinking about it,” explains Smoker. “I wanted to capture the emotional chaos of teenage desire and the intensity of your feelings when you’re still learning how relationships work. The song really expresses all the ways I felt but in a very disordered way bouncing between raw feelings, rationalisation and angry outbursts.”

SPLAT!‘ is out now on all platforms via Secretly Canadian.