Ekkah share infectious new single “Room 4 Love”

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You are currently viewing Ekkah share infectious new single “Room 4 Love”

Modern day funk and disco queens Ekkah are giving us another taster of their delicious and sparkling sound! After sharing their first new music of 2020 with “Giving Up On“, the duo is now ready for an infectious second single with “Room 4 Love“.

Ekkah always know how to put us in a good mood and their new single is no exception. It’s a perfect continuation of their previous single, which is making us long for a full length even more! Rebekah Pennington and Rebecca Wilson deliver once again their infectious hooks and catchy melodies backed by glistening synths. Temperatures are rising, summer is slowly approaching and “Room 4 Love” is definitely a great summer jam. Imagine dancing to this on a beach or listening while laying out a pool. Fingers crossed more Ekkah music is on its way!

Ekkah’s new single “Room 4 Love” is out now on all platforms via Future Disco.