Edwin Rosen returns with new single and music video “Vertigo”

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You are currently viewing Edwin Rosen returns with new single and music video “Vertigo”

Probably our favourite discovery of 2021, Edwin Rosen, is off to a great start this year unleashing his new single “Vertigo” in the world. The new single follows his brilliant EP “mitleerenhänden“, from which we chose the title track as one of the best songs of last year.

On his new single “Vertigo”, Edwin Rosen further dives into his trademark ‘Neueneue Deutsche Welle’ sound and delivers once more an impeccable song. If you haven’t heard of Edwin’s music yet, we definitely advice you to give this new track a listen. We would best describe his sound as something lingering between 80s electronic music and a touch of new wave and post punk. Edwin’s songwriting skills and powerful, yet emotive vocals are just mesmerizing from beginning till end. This rising talent is already creating quite a name for himself in Germany and we truly believe that other parts of the world deserve to hear this as well. “Vertigo” also comes with some perfectly fitting visuals by Dan Trautwein that you can now watch below.

Vertigo” is out now on all platforms via IRRRSINNN.