DESIRE unveils new single “Escape”

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Back in February DESIRE surprised us with their exciting remix of the New Order classic “Bizarre Love Triangle“. Luckily, the trio didn’t leave us wait long for new music. Megan Louise, Johnny Jewel and Nat Walker aka DESIRE are back with another shimmering new single!

With “Escape“, DESIRE once again shows their unique talent for creating delicious synth-heavy tunes. We couldn’t have expected anything else, since Johnny Jewel (Italians Do It Better) is responsible for the track’s production. Next to those heavenly synths, it’s mostly Megan’s sweet and compelling vocals that make this track as perfect as it is. “Escape” is exactly what we needed today and will make you instantly feel good!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed more DESIRE music is on its way this year! Unfortunately the song doesn’t seem to be on streaming services yet. Until then, enjoy the delicious song and video below or download the track here.