Daði Freyr drops groovy new single “Where We Wanna Be”

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You are currently viewing Daði Freyr drops groovy new single “Where We Wanna Be”

Big chance you might have stumbled into Daði Freyr on youtube somewhere in these last few months. If it wasn’t for the entertaining music video, then hopefully for the song itself. With “Think About Things” the singer-songwriter and producer quickly rose to fame as Iceland’s entry for Eurovison. Daði Freyr was even hailed by many as their favourite and a strong contender to win the festival. Luckily, the cancellation of Eurovision is not slowing the musician and his infectious music down. Last week, a ready for the dance floor remix of “Think About Things” dropped, remixed by none other than Hot Chip.

Now, Daði Freyr is back with another, retro and synth heavy tune recorded during quarantine. Just like the previous single, we’re once again treated to his warm vocals over a groovy production with a heavy nod to the 80s. Together with the song release, Freyr also dropped a fun homemade video for “Where We Wanna Be“. Check it out now below!