Connie Constance announces new album “Miss Power” and single “Till The World’s Awake”

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You are currently viewing Connie Constance announces new album “Miss Power” and single “Till The World’s Awake”

Back in May Connie Constance returned with the album-title track “Miss Power“, now she’s ready for the official album announcement together with a second single titled “Till The World’s Awake“.

The London singer-songwriter instantly blew us away on her energetic and powerful last single and she just keeps on delivering! New single “Till The World’s Awake” is an incredible and infectious alternative pop song that deserves all your attention. Great lyrics and Connie’s heartwarming vocals glide against a catchy pop production. She beautifully describes the song below:

“The beast, The Party, The anthem. Day one of this saturated over stimulating world and everything feels possible. For the most part this song for me was just the indie dance single of my dreams, since writing it it has taken on a whole other meaning. It’s truly a letter to the universe, to what some people may call God, others Allah, and so on. It’s a song that says thank you for looking out for me, Thank you for the chance of making my dreams a reality, and Thank you for the beautiful people that you have kept around me. When I think of the minority communities that I live and love within in the UK. It feels like an empowering message that no matter how much the world we live in tries to distract us from our power, make us feel small or as if we don’t fit in… it cannot take away from us the work we have done and who we are when we are together building our own opportunities amongst one another and shaping our own realities.

We are sure Connie is destined for big things and these new singles are only the start. We can’t wait to hear what else she has in store for us!

Till The World’s Awake” is out now. “Miss Power” arrives via Play It Again Sam on November 4th.