Bye Beneco shares dreamy disco-infused single “Baby I’m Gold”

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Let us introduce you to South-African band Bye Beneco! After dropping already two brilliant singles last year, “It’s Not True Love” and “I’m Not The One“. The eclectic and intriguing trio is now gearing up to releases their upcoming EP out in May! As a third offering Bye Beneco gives us another glimpse into their glistening and colorful world with new single “Baby I’m Gold“. A collaboration with fellow South-African artist MISSU.

Just like their previous single, Bye Beneco is taking us once again to the dancefloor. “Baby I’m Gold” is filled with dreamy and lush sounds, sprinkled with Lenny-Dee Doucha’s silky vocals. We’re sure this one will instantly put you in a good mood!

In other news, Bye Beneco is also relocating to Berlin this year and we can’t wait to hear how that will influence the band’s future sound. We are big fans and can’t wait to hear more!