Blue Hawaii is back with two lush new tracks

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Blue Hawaii returned last year and shared on of our favourite albums of the year with “Oral Reduction Interal Fixation“. The record gave us brilliant singles like “All That Blue“, “All The Things“, “Still I Miss You” and “Trust“. Now Blue Hawaii is starting 2020 already with a bang releasing two brand new tracks! “Remember When” and “The Test I Passed” are out now on all platforms!

There’s currently not much information to be found about these two new tracks. Maybe they’re leftovers from their O.R.I.F. album or brand new tracks. Who knows? But they are for sure once again extremely infectious and we can never have enough Blue Hawaii in our lives!

The duo recently shared on Instagram that they wanted to release more music and tour less to give their share of helping regarding the climate. So maybe this is part of their new release strategy? We’re excited anyway and will be having these two new tracks on repeat!