Bathe Alone shares music video for ‘Victims’

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Atlanta multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone aka Bathe Alone has shared her new album ‘I Don’t Do Humidity’. A record about her recent divorce and toxic friendships. Together with the new album she releases the music video for the album’s focus track ‘Victims’.

While new single ‘Victims’ deals with a strong and personal matter, it’s wrapped up in a sleek and groovy soundscape. Bathe Alone’s lush vocals glide against a dreamy synth production with infectious melodies. Despite the subject this is still a perfect addition to your summer soundtrack.

About the new single she says:

As things were falling apart, I was seeking support and confiding in my friends. To them, it was comically obvious that what was happening to my husband was manipulation 101. After learning more about the steps of manipulation, I was dumbfounded at how it reflected the whole situation back at me. The lyrics may seem ridiculous, but they’re all things that were actually said to my husband. It’s written entirely from the perspective of the other woman. To me, this song is the centerpiece of the album.”

I Don’t Do Humidity‘ is out now on all platforms via Nettwerk Music Group.