Aves collaborates with Lydmor on hopeful new single “Doubt”

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After a 6 year hiatus, Helsinki-based band Aves finally returned last year with “Gem Of The Ocean“. A stunning and up-beat track which featured none other than Icelandic artist JFDR. Alongside the track, the band also shared a stunning video about two party-goers on their path of self-destruction. Luckily, Aves is not making us wait any longer for music and just released new single “Doubt“.

New single “Doubt” is an extremely infectious and groovy new single. You’ll instantly be carried into the band’s dreamy and colorful sound. Just like the previous single, Aves is giving us once again an interesting collaboration. This time featuring Danish artist Lydmor, who absolutely shines on the track with her hazy and seductive vocals. The 3-minute dreamy track is a perfect getaway for our current times and we can not stop putting it on repeat!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that more of these brilliant collaborations are being shared soon. Until then listen to “Doubt” now below!