Astronaut share dreamy new single ‘Heartless’

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Danish band Astronaut share a brand new single taken from their sophomore album ‘Kintsugi’. New single ‘Heartless’ follows the band’s previous shared songs ‘Phantoms’ and ‘Not Every Night Ends With Sunlight’.

The new single of Astronaut is one hell of an infectious song. Sweeping and heartfelt vocals shine against a dreamy and infectious synth production. This is indie pop at it’s finest and we are loving the band’s sound. We have just stumbled upon Astronaut for the first time and we are loving everything we’ve heard so far from the new record. Luckily we only have to wait a few more weeks to hear it in full!

About the new single lead singer Martin Zeppelin says:

“It’s about anyone who is misunderstood in some way, and trying to see beyond that. If we could read how each other actually feel, almost like a comic book superpower, the world would probably be more empathetic” – lead singer, Martin Zeppelin

Heartless‘ is out now on all platforms. ‘Kintsugi’ arrives March 24th.