Alexandrina shares mesmerzing new single “Vânt În Pânze”

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You are currently viewing Alexandrina shares mesmerzing new single “Vânt În Pânze”

Let us introduce you Romanian singer-songwriter Alexandrina and her stunning new single “Vânt În Pânze“. It’s the musician’s first new music this year and follows last year’s single “Kuda la (Куда Я)“.

This is the first time hearing Alexandrina’s music and her latest single “Vânt În Pânze” immediately makes a big impression on us. Even though we can’t understand the language and lyrics, the musician’s new single is a beautiful dark and dreamy ballad. Deep and husky vocals glide against a synth production that keeps on building towards an epic and hopeful end. We are very intrigued by the sounds of Alexandrina’s latest single and can’t wait to hear more!

Vânt În Pânze” is out now on all platforms.